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Community Day School

Students are expected to participate in academic programs that include high-level expectations from staff and students, and that are comparable to those available to students of similar age in the school district.

Instructional day includes academic programs that provide challenging curriculum and individual attention to student learning modalities and abilities. Community Day schools programs also focus on the development of pro-social skills and student self-esteem and resiliency.

Students benefit from learning support services that include school counselors and psychologists, academic counselors, and student discipline personnel.

Students also receive collaborative services from county offices of education, law enforcement, probation, and human services agency personnel who work with at-risk youth. Laws specific to Community Day schools are in Education Code (EC) sections 48660-48667.

Community Day Bell Schedule


The Community Day School (CDS) students range from grades 7-12 and are referred to the school through the District's Student and Family Services (SFS).  Students attend a full day (6 hours) of instruction daily.  Curriculum and materials are standards based and taught by certified teachers. 



Community Day School students committed to being safe responsible and respectful


Unless otherwise noted, students are enrolled into CDS for at least one full complete semester.  Students who enroll after the start of a semester are required to complete the semester plus one full semester.  A Rehabilitation Contract and the CDS Success Contract must both be completed before expelled students are re-admitted to the district (CDS Success Contract Form 3).  

Included in both contracts are:  95% attendance rate, passing grades, 40 hours community service, counseling sessions and letters of recommendation. Evidence of a change of behavior is the focus of rehabilitation.  All elements of the following rehabilitation plan set forth by the governing board must be met for readmission.