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Earning Credits

How to Earn Credits at Valley

Students are given a number of ways to earn credits at Valley Continuation High School (VHS), and all credits are transferable to other

schools in the district.  Valley is on a quarter grading calendar which provides students an opportunity to recoup credits. Students are initially enrolled into 5 classes on site. ROP, Contract PE and Service Learning (volunteer work in the community) provides additional credits off site. Students may attend a Standard Continuation School schedule of 5 periods a day 5 days a week.  An Extended Day Schedule may also be offered to students who are committed to their education and wish to attend additional 3 classes. Students on an Extended Day Schedule must demonstrate good attendance, behavior and passing grades. Class periods are 43 minutes in length the shortened period requires instructional delivery and curriculum content to be intensive and rigorous. Students who are absent, tardy or who are otherwise not in class and / or non-productive may not earn the full 5 credits; Each course has a syllabus outlining one semester’s worth of coursework which could allow a student to earn a possible 5 credits in a quarter. Credits are earned through completion of assignments, projects and passing scores on all assessments.   

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