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Referral Process

Referral to Valley

Referral Process to Valley Alternative School


The administration of the sending school meets with parents and student to discuss the option of a transfer to Valley Alternative School.  If an agreement of transfer is reached, the sending school sends a referral along with the student’s cumulative record to Valley.

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The administration at Valley will review all referrals. Students who are approved are then notified to attend an Orientation with a parent or guardian. Paperwork on students who are not approved is returned to the sending school with explanation sent via email or phone to the sending administrator.


An Administrator from the sending school will contact Valley Principal if a student with special needs is interested in transferring to Valley.  An IEP is scheduled and the Team will determine placement and services.


Student and parent/guardian must attend the Orientation.  Enrollment procedures are completed and students are assigned classes according to need.  Students attend classes the first school day following Orientation.


Although the option of returning to the home school is always open, in most cases, it is a disadvantage to return during the middle of a semester. It is expected that students remain at Valley until the end of the semester before considering a return to the home school.



Requirements for Returning to Your Home School


Any student may request a return to the home school at the end of the semester.  Students must pick up a Request to Return Packet from the Administration not less than one week before the end of the semester.  The Request to Return Packet must be completed and returned to a Valley administrator for approval. Successful students who are on track for graduation are recommended to return. Students who remain deficient in credits and are not on track towards graduation are not recommended to return. However the responsibility of accepting a student’s return belongs to the comprehensive school, not Valley’s. 


Students are responsible for making an appointment with the assistant principal of the home school and bringing the Request to Return Packet to the meeting.  The comprehensive school should not meet with any student who does not have a completed Request to Return Packet.


Students who are on track for graduation have earned the following credits in grade level courses:



Start of First Semester

Start of Second Semester

10th Grade

60 credits

90 credits

11th Grade

120 credits

150 credits

12th Grade

180 credits

210 credits


All students must show that he / she has made a commitment to completing a high school education by maintaining at least 90% attendance rate, and following all district policies, classroom rules and teacher directions.